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SyAM Software


SyAM Software

IFS Consulting Services, LLC- An Authorized SyAM Software Solution Provider
Attn: Michael Mazzariello/
12 Lantern Lane
Londonderry, NH 03053
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Phone Number (203) 430-6016
Phone (603) 598-9575
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Product Description

SyAM Software is a system solutions provider that develops software that offers school districts the ability to optimally and sustainably manage their IT Assets more efficiently through a Unified Device Management approach. SyAM Application Solution is being used by schools to proactively manage their common assets such as PC’s, MAC’s, iPads and Chromebooks. SyAM delivers solutions that enable IT organizations to address all aspects of the life cycle from discovery and application deployment to the utilization of the integrated helpdesk with inventory and advanced features such as insurance tracking and staff and student help desk portals. Additionally, the solution supports an active Green IT approach to reducing PC off-hour power consumption through intelligent power management.

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